Lifting Lucy (LL) is a nationwide 509(a)(2) tax-exempt organization committed to supporting the most underrepresented communities within brewing industry businesses - Black, Indigenous, and other Women of Color. Through our various initiatives, LL partners with philanthropists, breweries, non-profits, and others to support BIWOC along their journey in beer. Thanks to this support, LL is able to lead the charge of challenging barriers of entry and any hindrance of progress for BIWOC in beer.

We are dedicated to fostering opportunities for BIWOC to increase and develop their knowledge and careers within the craft beer industry alongside our peers. Opportunities such as these pave the way for once-in-a-lifetime education, networking, collaborations, and fellowship. We are determined to help curb the barriers that keep us all from learning from these most worthy educators - which ultimately, diminishes how much we can truly expand the longevity, success, and impact of the brewing industry.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Promise

Supporting Black, Indigenous, and other Women of Color (BIWOC) in beer industry events and educational opportunities. 


Our Mission

Lifting Lucy informs, promotes, connects, and strengthens the brewing industries' individual and collective efforts of increasing authentic representation for all Women of Color.


Our Vision

For Black, Indigenous, and other Women of Color (BIWOC) to have true representation and economic participation in the brewing industry.