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“For me, craft beer is anthropology in a glass!” - -


-Ashlie Randolph

Ashlie's Story

Las Vegan Ashlie Niquel Randolph is a founding member of Lifting Lucy, a non-profit dedicated to supporting Black, Indigenous, and other Women of Color in beer industry events and educational opportunities. She also co-founded Mo’ Betta Brews, a minority focused beer centric social club created to provide an inclusive space for craft beer enthusiasts of color rooted in brews and beats full of flavor, soul, and craft. Seeing beer as anthropology in a glass, Ashlie is passionate about exploring craft beers throughout the world and incorporating global culinary legacies in her own brews.  Ashlie is the founder of brewery-in-planning, Brawta Craft and Brews. She is also a Duvel USA Brand Ambassador, Pink Boots Society Board Member, Pink Boots DEIJ Committee Member, and NAACP Branch #1111 Executive Committee Member/Community Partner Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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