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Why HERstory Month?

Lifting Lucy doesn’t typically or repeatedly post about observed months or holidays. This policy exists because our intent is to encourage and normalize respect for all of humanity’s history any day of the year.

This year, we are making an exception to celebrate HERstory. Starting with the month of February, we are highlighting incredible Black women and Black female-identifying individuals who may not be widely known despite their outstanding contributions to American history.

Lifting Lucy’s Black HERstory Series features Black women who inspire us each and every day with their strength, dedication, courage, and commitment to bettering themselves and their communities.

Our focus is not only on women in the beer industry, but a perspective of women, and the narrative of being first in their generation.

Despite unimaginable barriers and stereotypes, Black women still shine in various backgrounds and professions, including food and drink, film and music entertainment, sports, education, civil service, public policy, art and fashion, healthcare, science and technology, aeronautics, and more!

Please take a moment to learn more about these trailblazers not simply as Black women. See them for their achievements, experiences, and undeniable talents that opened doors for future generations of women from all backgrounds. HERitage, HERoines, HERstory.

Join us in this discovery of HERstory for this month of February, which will be featured in our stories and posts. The initiative will continue on throughout the year to include our sisters of all colors.

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Interested in supporting Lifting Lucy? Visit our webpage to learn how to get involved:

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